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With our proven X-SWARM technology, you have a system that makes a master computer superfluous. Our AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) are in direct communication, exchange their position and current status several times a second and distribute orders intelligently. Automatic supply and disposal, free route finding and simple adaptation to changes in the environment enable an intelligent (intra-)logistics concept.

Produktübersicht Fahrerlose Transportsystem (FTS) - Agilox


All our products are based on a unique software and technology platform. Regardless of the vehicle type, AGILOX users benefit from a perfect match of software, mechanics, sensors and actuators.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) reimagined

We have reimagined Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) from the ground up and see our robots as a revolutionary development of AGVs. The intelligence of our material handling robots avoids investments in infrastructure such as fleet management software or landmarks. We want to make your  life easier and by keeping that in mind, we have
developed the world‘s easiest AMR solutions.


To interact with AGILOX AMRs, it is not necessary to install an application. Using a conventional web browser, you can smartly and simply connect to any robot at any time, granting you full control over your fleet.


AGILOX Open Interfaces

AGILOX Open Interfaces enables interaction with peripheral equipment, such as fire detection systems, high-speed doors, traffic light systems, or conveyor systems.


AGILOX Analytics

Data analysis is a key factor for operation and optimization in Industry 4.0. AGILOX Analytics allows you to complete performance evaluations, and thus, identify potential challenges in the process at an early stage. It also makes maintenance quick and easy.

Fahrerloses Hubsystem - AGILOX


The All-Rounder

The AGILOX ONE is the all-rounder of the AGILOX Autonomous Mobile Robots and is the ideal solution for production companies that need to organize their material handling processes in a highly flexible, yet safe and stable way. AGILOX Autonomous Mobile Robots impress with the omnidirectional driving concept, so that the AGILOX ONE can also move through narrow aisles.



The Powerhouse

The AGILOX OCF is essential for your intralogistics when it comes to transporting heavy loads weighing up to 1,500 kg. The load carriers can be closed or opened – the AGILOX OCF can transport the loads in both states. The AGILOX counterbalanced forklift is of course equipped with the well-known AGILOX swarm intelligence, also called X-SWARM TECHNOLOGY.

Fahrerlose Kleintransportsysteme - AGILOX


The Agile

Are you looking for a solution to transport your small load carriers that weigh up to 300 kg? We have exactly the matching product for your requirements. The AGILOX ODM with its omnidirectional driving system is made for small load transport and moves e.g. dollies from A to B. Convince yourself of our smallest AMR for maximum flexibility and highest efficiency.


The Flexible

Push boundaries to new levels with the AGILOX OPS – the flexible station-to-station platform AMR. It was designed for fast transportation of heavy loads in narrow aisles and confined spaces. OPS is a platform vehicle that accommodates various load handling attachments thanks to its standardized interfaces. This flexibility enables a wide range of applications.

Over 300 customers in more than 20 countries on 3 continents already place their trust in us.

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