From A for agile to R for reliable, thanks to intelligent software

Our aim is to enable our customers to level-up their intralogistics with the help of our products. Not only are the mechanics, electronics, automation, and navigation produced under one roof, but so is the software. For us, this is the logical next step towards an Automated Guided Vehicle system that is ahead of its time and reimagined from the ground up. Why? Because only precise coordination ensures that the hardware and software work in perfect harmony with each other.

Why should you rely on AGILOX for your logistics planning?

From the development of the routing (i.e., the software) to the HMI and mechanics, everything comes from in-house. AGILOX is a trustworthy partner to have at your side, right from the start. We focus on easy handling with full flexibility and lowest acquisition and operating costs.

Fast and simple

Our products are designed for customers who need a robust, reliable industrial robot, but want to do without complicated equipment, like master computers or navigation aids. Using a 2D laser scanner, the AGILOX independently captures the spatial contour to create the map, which only needs to be fine-tuned by the commissioning engineer in a few steps. This means that our AGVs can be put into operation in the shortest possible time via Plug & Perform.

Independent and uncomplicated

Thanks to our sophisticated software, the once tedious creation or moving of stations in the map can be done easily and quickly via drag & drop or right mouse click. Once the map has been completed, our vehicles work completely independently. Orders are transmitted directly to an AGV via WLAN, allowing the vehicles to distribute the orders among themselves.

Smart and dynamic

The logistics industry is dynamic. Thus, as a manufacturer of intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robots, it is essential for us to react flexibly to changes with our products. An AGILOX therefore always evaluates its current route in real time, in order to select the optimal route. It avoids obstacles with an automatically recalculated route and passes the information directly on to other AGILOX robots in the room, so that they can react proactively to potential problems.

Safe and flexible

AGILOX vehicles must also adhere to traffic rules to ensure smooth operation. However, you won’t look for stop or yield signs in logistics environments that have been thought out from the ground up. Fully autonomous routing enables a safe workflow. If a vehicle encounters an obstacle, it recognizes it and takes evasive action.

Communicative and team-oriented

A key advantage of our AGILOX swarm intelligence is that the vehicles communicate with each other. Our AMRs know what job other AGILOX vehicles are currently working on and where they are at all times. Intelligent prioritization and individual allocation of the orders guarantees the best possible system performance.

All data at a glance. AGILOX Analytics offers a wide range of options for increasing the efficiency of your processes.

Data analysis is an essential factor for evaluation and optimization in the material handling industry – especially when it can be easily performed via a browser without any extra effort. While our AGVs directly improve operational efficiency, our private, cloud-based data analytics platform – AGILOX Analytics – provides performance analysis, as well as software support for the entire AGILOX fleet.

Personalized dashboard

The dashboard offers the option of personalized AGILOX Analytics. Pin the widgets to the dashboard and resize them. This way, you can customize your AGILOX Analytics to your personal needs and see the info most relevant for you at a glance.

Shift model

To get even more precise data, AGILOX Analytics offers you the possibility to set your individual shift model. Both daily working hours and working days can be selected.

Data comparison options

Whether individually, combined or summed up – choose the mode that suits you best to create a detailed overview of your (intra-)logistics processes.

You want to know more about our AGILOX vehicles?

Our sales team will be happy to advise you.

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