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With our intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robots, we guarantee full flexibility.
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Our passion? To revolutionize intralogistics. Our expertise? Building the AMR of tomorrow, today.

Our ambition is to enable our customers to flexibly design their intralogistics with the help of our products. To achieve this, we have developed the most maneuverable pallet AMR for the industry. Too narrow, too tight? AGILOX vehicles’ omnidirectional drive concept ensures that there is enough space, even in the smallest aisle. Your material flow changes dynamically? Our AMRs love variety. A few mouse clicks and the AGILOX will no longer maneuver your load carriers from A to B, but from C to D.


The all-rounder

With The AGILOX ONE, you lay the foundation for next-level intralogistics. Production companies that need highly flexible, safe, and stable intralogistics processes will find the AGILOX ONE to be the ideal product to have at their disposal. Thanks to the AGILOX ONE’s omnidirectional driving system, it can effortlessly move through very narrow aisles. Rotating driving units allow the vehicle unrestricted freedom of movement in the intralogistical environment.


The powerhouse

In line with our mission to optimize (intra-)logistical concepts, the AGILOX OCF represents the next step forward. Our goal? To offer a solution for all material handling processes in a company. With the help of our autonomous counterbalanced forklift, it is therefore possible to transport heavier loads of up to 1,500 kg. Whether the load carriers are open or closed is irrelevant. And best of all, customers can benefit from all the familiar advantages of the AGILOX swarm intelligence.


Made for smaller load carriers

With our AGILOX ODM small load carriers with a maximum weight of 300 kg can be moved simply from one to the other station. This sets a new benchmark for agility and flexibility in your intralogistics. The omnidirectional driving system allows the AGILOX ODM (Omnidirectional Dolly Mover) to drive through the narrowest aisles. Convince yourself, how easily and smooth our AGILOX ODM works. This stands for a maximum of flexibility and efficiency.

Why should you rely on AGILOX for your logistics planning?

With our AGILOX vehicles, the logistics concept of the future is already on the market today. You want an evolution? We guarantee a real revolution – after all, we are talking about a concept that has been reimagined from the ground up, not an optimization of an existing and time-honored solution. You want more? Our vehicles offer more!

Our AMRs are agile

The name says it all. AGILOX takes changed environmental or process conditions lightly. Only work on one floor? That would be laughable! We rely on multi-level operation. Sounds exciting, and it is. After all, an AGILOX can also work on different levels if they are connected via a lift. And even narrow aisles or oncoming traffic have nothing on our all-rounder. The advantage is obvious. Operating space costs money. And you certainly want to spend it on more sensible things!

Our AMRs are efficient

We develop intelligent Autonomous Transport Systems to make your life easier. How do you benefit from our vehicles? Imagine how much manpower you need to move cargo from A to B. In the worst-case scenario, you can’t even find employees to do it. Not to worry! The AGILOX will support you as a full-fledged member of your company.

Our AMRs are scalable

We rely on the motto “Plug & Perform”. What does that mean? The first AGILOX can be put into operation in less than twelve hours, and each additional vehicle in as little as 15 minutes. So, increasing demand is child’s play for our intelligent intralogistics robots. Other AMR suppliers are almost green with envy.

Our AMRs are networked

Are you planning to use several AMRs? No problem. An AGILOX acts independently but is also an exemplary team player. All units constantly communicate with each other via the WLAN infrastructure provided by the customer – without an external control system. Our vehicles also want to stay up to date at all times. That’s why they automatically exchange information with each other about the environment or the current job situation. Additionally, using AGILOX IO allows our AMR to interact effortlessly with peripheral equipment, such as a fire alarm system, high-speed gates, traffic light systems, or conveyor systems.

Our AMRs are safe

Safety first! For this reason, we are not satisfied with the fulfilment of legal requirements. What does that mean? Our Obstacle Avoidance adds an additional safety function to the vehicle. What for? Well, to protect the machine. However, it is not only the protection of our AGILOX vehicles that is important to us, but also the safety of our employees. The AGILOX Floor Spot, a forward-facing light source, signals to employees that a machine is approaching.

Become a professional yourself with the help of the AGILOX Academy! Use our learning platform to look up topic-specific videos, regardless of time and location.

Our AGILOX Academy enables you to learn about all the important functions and applications of our AGILOX products step by step – irrespective of time and location. We have tailored our training content precisely to the needs of our customers. In this way, you will learn all the skills you need to, for example, commission our vehicles independently, or to expand or modify maps without assistance. We professionals show you how it works and you simply copy it. Let’s go!

Product description & extra features

Why AGILOX? Find out in a specially designed AGILOX Academy video. Plus, extra features to top it all off.

Project planning

What does the project planning process look like? Our AGILOX Academy will teach you that this phase requires determining whether various hazard zones are present.

AGILOX ONE – Operation and maintenance

You can learn how to operate and run an AGILOX in another AGILOX Academy video. You will be amazed at how easy it is!

FAQ – The answers to your questions

You are curious and want to know more about our AGILOX vehicles? We have collected frequently asked questions and answered them topic-specifically. Of course, our sales team will be happy to provide you with further information at any time.

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You want to know more about our AGILOX vehicles?

Our sales team will be happy to advise you.