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Omnidirectional Dolly Mover

300 kg (661 lbs)

maximum lifting weight

250 mm (10 in)

maximum lifting height

1,4 m/s

maximum speed

Omnidirectional Dolly Mover made for intelligent transports of small load carriers.

Intelligente Transporte von Kleinladungsträgern - AGILOX

Easily lift medium-heavy small load carriers

With a 205 mm wide fork and a maximum lifting weight of 300 kg, our AGILOX ODM impresses in the AMR sector for small load carriers. The load carriers can be lifted up to a maximum height of 250 mm. On request, the platform can be equipped with a non-slip surface. Convince yourself of our smallest high performer.

Omnidirectional Dolly Mover AGILOX

Unrestricted freedom of movement is given by rotating driving units

Our AGILOX ODM is designed with an omnidirectional driving system for the highest flexibility in movement. This enables standardized forward and backwards movements, as well as parallel, diagonal, and rotary movements around the center of the vehicle.

Präzise Logistikroboter AGILOX

Safety first, especially with light points

An obstacle ahead? No problem for our AGILOX Autonomous Mobile Robots! Our vehicles navigate precisely through the environment with safety laser scanners and optional Obstacle Avoidance. In addition, various light points as a safety feature on the ground indicate when an AGILOX is about to approach.

Load variants


Technical details

DIMENSIONS (L x W x H) 1,095 x 400 x 1,235 MM (43 x 16 x 49 in)
DEAD WEIGHT 160 kg (352 lbs)
MAX. LIFTING WEIGHT 300 kg (661 lbs)
TURNING CIRCLE 1,600 MM (63 in)
MIN. AISLE WIDTH 900 MM (35 in)
CHARGING TIME 20-100 % in about 11 Min.

Add-Ons ODM

AGILOX ODM Obstacle Avoidance System

Obstacle Avoidance

Do you want to use the AGILOX in an environment where people and especially forklifts or tugger trains travel? Add safety features to your ODM, such as front-integrated Obstacle Avoidance, which monitors the area in front of the vehicle up to 50 mm to the ground.

Barcode Scanner - AGILOX

Barcode Reader

An AGILOX can be optionally equipped with a barcode reader. This allows you to create intelligent and dynamic processes based on barcode information. The system supports the barcode types Code 39, Code 128, 2/5 Interleaved, QR Code and Datamatrix.

AGILOX One Floorspot

Floor Spot

The AGILOX Floor Spot is a forward-facing light source that signals to the employee that an AMR is approaching. The Floor Spot is an additional feature to increase safety in the company. The add-on has already proven its worth with forklifts and other industrial trucks.


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