The AGILOX X-SWARM Technology for maximum efficiency and flexibility


Our unique software enables an intelligent (intra) logistics concept

As a customer-oriented company, a short project planning phase and the shortest possible commissioning times are of central importance to us. The elimination of expensive infrastructure for master computers and navigation makes this possible. Thanks to our AGILOX swarm intelligence, the first vehicle can be integrated into the environment and put into operation in less than twelve hours, and each additional AMR in just 15 minutes. This means that an AGILOX can also be relocated for temporary use in other company divisions or branches. Commissioning is able to be carried out by the company’s own operating personnel with minimal effort.

Our vehicles independently draw a map of the room, and our customers only have to fine-tune it. Thanks to the AGILOX X-Swarm Technology, our sophisticated software, the once tedious process of creating or moving stations on the map is now simple and, above all, quick. Once the map has been completed, our vehicles work completely independently. Orders are transmitted via WLAN directly to an AMR, which then distributes the orders among themselves. Depending on a number of parameters, a fully autonomous decision is made as to which vehicle will accept the order. The aim is to drive each route in a cost- and time-optimized manner to ensure efficient transport. The environmental data from all transport systems is used to determine the optimal route. Due to the integrated swarm intelligence of our vehicles, it is often not necessary to commission higher-level systems. It is therefore possible to monitor the occupancy of a parking space by means of sensor technology and to trigger supply or disposal orders automatically.

Additional safety thanks to the AGILOX Obstacle Avoidance

Even our AGILOX vehicles have to obey traffic rules to ensure smooth operations. However, you won’t find stop or give way signs in logistics environments that have been thought through from the ground up. Fully autonomous routing enables a safe workflow – even in mixed operations. If a vehicle encounters an obstacle, it recognizes it and avoids it independently. Our AGILOX Obstacle Avoidance provides additional (personal) safety. Accidents in collaborative man-machine traffic are therefore a thing of the past.

Communication with the environment

By means of IO boxes, our products can also communicate with other machines or the building infrastructure. For example, working over several levels – if an elevator is available – is possible without any problems. Passing through rolling gates is also a welcome change for the AGILOX. Our customers do not have to make any structural changes before putting our products into operation.

Independent charging

An AMR also registers in real time what the current charge level is. Once it has reached a certain limit, the AGILOX automatically moves to the charging station and triggers a charging process. Short charging cycles enable optimum utilization of the vehicles, which do not tire even in 24/7 operation.

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