The AGILOX X-SWARM Technology for maximum efficiency and flexibility


Our unique software enables an intelligent (intra) logistics concept

AGILOX stands for the development of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), the revolutionary advancement of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). What sets our AMRs apart from conventional AGVs is the extensive basic intelligence of our logistics robots, our X-SWARM Technology.

Not only are the mechanics, electronics, automation, and navigation produced under one roof, but so is the software. For us, this is the logical next step towards an Autonomous Mobile Robot system that is ahead of its time and reimagined from the ground up. Why? Because only precise coordination ensures that the hardware and software work in perfect harmony with each other. And our conviction proves us right: our products are developed for customers who need a reliable industrial robot but want to do without complicated equipment such as master computers or navigation aids.

With our proven X-SWARM Technology, our customers enjoy the unique benefits of an intelligent (intra-)logistics solution designed from the ground up that eliminates the need for a host computer. This makes increasing efficiency a breeze. The goal of our vehicles is to drive each route in a cost- and time-optimized manner to ensure efficient transport.

X-SWARM Technology stands for self-optimizing material flows – after all, communication between vehicles is a key advantage of our software solution. Our AMRs are in direct communication and exchange information about their position and current status several times a second. This means that our logistics robots know at all times which order other AGILOX vehicles are currently processing and where they are. This also guarantees optimal allocation of orders to the individual devices and thus the best possible system performance.

Autonomous routing

Thanks to our sophisticated software in combination with high-quality (safety) scanners, our vehicles orient themselves to existing contours in space. For example, an AGILOX AMR recognizes walls, machines or shelves based on their contours with millimeter precision. Our intelligent vehicles do not follow any tracks. Instead, the AMR is assigned a driving surface in advance, within which it can move freely. The vehicles then independently select the optimal or fastest route, which is recalculated every second based on real-time data.

Since AGILOX AMRs follow existing contours with millimeter precision, there is no need for time-consuming and costly reconstruction of the existing infrastructure. Autonomous routing also enables the vehicles to avoid obstacles on their own. If it is not possible to avoid the detected obstacle due to the space available or the size of the obstacle, our AMRs calculate a new route in a matter of seconds so that they can still reach their destination as quickly as possible. For our customers, this means maximum freedom in their existing processes, because it is not they who have to adapt to the Autonomous Mobile Robot, but the latter adapts to the customer’s processes. Furthermore, fully autonomous routing enables a safe workflow – even in mixed operations.

Pallet detection

In addition, our X-SWARM Technology impresses with pallet detection, which enables our vehicles to determine the position of pallets to within 2 mm. Independent pallet detection also has a great effect on increasing efficiency in the production or logistics environment – after all, often not every pallet is exactly in place. AGILOX vehicles, however, take this in stride and even pick up tilted pallets without any problems.


Our software solution also has a lot to offer in terms of workflows. For example, the customer can define that a completed workflow automatically triggers the next one.

Communication with the building infrastructure

Using IO boxes, our products can also communicate with other machines or the building infrastructure. For example, working over several levels – provided an elevator is available – is possible without any problems. Passing through rolling gates is also a welcome change for the AGILOX. Furthermore, our AMRs can use IO boxes to signal a pallet dispenser, for example, to make an empty pallet available to the vehicle. So here, too, customers benefit from maximum flexibility in their processes.

The open interfaces of AGILOX X-SWARM Technology also make it possible to easily connect the software to other systems using Rest API. For example, our AMRs can communicate with higher-level logistics systems such as warehouse management or ERP systems.

Plug & Perform commissioning

In addition, our X-SWARM Technology is designed for maximum efficiency – after all, our unique software enables simple and rapid commissioning. Using a 2D laser scanner, the AGILOX automatically draws a map of the room, which only needs to be fine-tuned by the commissioning engineer in a few steps. Using Plug & Perform, the first vehicle can be commissioned in just 12 hours, and each additional AMR in just 15 minutes. Since the space contours are automatically recorded and drawn as a map with a manual round trip of the AGILOX vehicle, the otherwise often time-consuming preparation for commissioning an AMR is also eliminated. Once our logistics robots are up and running, they exchange information several times a second, enabling the entire fleet to calculate the most efficient route and preventively counteract potential deadlocks. The customer therefore benefits from a system that runs constantly well, with no downtime.

Independent charging

An AMR also registers the current charge level in real time. Once it has reached a certain limit, the AGILOX drives itself to the charging station and automatically triggers a charging process. Short charging cycles enable optimum utilization of the vehicles, which do not tire even in 24/7 operation.

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