AGILOX User Interface - full control of the system in the browser, independent of device

AGILOX IGV - Intelligent Guided Vehicle

We develop and produce intelligent logistics robots. 100% made by AGILOX in Austria - from mechanics, electrical engineering, automation, navigation to software - everything by our own.

AGV is the product group, under which currently vehicles are offered, which take over automated transports and are not to be assigned to stationary conveyor technology. AGILOX creates a new disruptive product group that will replace AGVs in the long term. This product group is called IGV: Intelligent Guided Vehicles. IGVs are characterized by the following features:

  • real swarm intelligence, direct communication in all areas between the vehicles
  • no control system, open interfaces, assignment by any number of instances
  • without restrictions in the type of ordering system
  • dynamic order distribution and situation-dependent redistribution,
  • continuous route evaluation, dynamic routing
  • no restriction in freedom of movement
  • maximum energy efficiency in motion, based on currently
  • the latest systems for energy transmission and storage
  • flexibility in load handling up to and including the
  • automated retooling to defined manipulation tools or
  • at least the provision of necessary interfaces
  • can be integrated into its environment by the customer in the shortest possible time

AGILOX Product Description (PDF)

Developed from scratch, we build the best Intelligent Guided Vehicle.

One vehicle for more than one usecase.

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With the AGILOX ONE, you set the starting signal to raise your intralogistics to a new level. Production companies that need to organize their intralogistics processes in a highly flexible, yet safe and stable manner will find the AGILOX ONE the ideal partner at their side. An automatic supply and disposal, a dynamic routing, and a simple adaptation to changes in the environment enable an intelligent (intra-)logistics concept. And the AGILOX ONE even moves effortlessly through the narrowest aisles.

1,000 KG

Maximum lifting weight

1,000 MM

Maximum lifting height

1.4 M/S

Maximum speed

Load variants

Euro half pallet
Euro pallet
Industrial pallet
Custom load carrier
Specification Detail
Driving concept 4-fold drive, omnidirectional
Lifting concept Electric, double spindle, single or double scissors
Lifting height 500 mm / 1,000 mm
Load 1,000 kg
Vmax 1.4 m/s
Battery concept LiFePO4 with battery management system
Dimensions 1,510 mm x 800 mm x 1,850 mm (L x W x H)
Dead weight Approx. 400 kg
Load carriers Pallets, boxes, trolleys

Further load carriers on request.

Closed pallets impossible!
Commissioning time < 12 hours (1st vehicle) / 15 minutes (each further IGV)
Certification CE, Declaration of Conformity


The AGILOX OCF is the logical continuation of our mission to optimize (intra-)logistics concepts. Our goal? To solve all transports that occur in a company. With the help of our new autonomous counterbalanced forklift, it is possible to transport heavier loads of up to 1,500 kg. Whether the load carriers are open or closed is irrelevant. And best of all: customers can benefit from all the well-known advantages of the AGILOX swarm intelligence.

1,500 KG

Maximum lifting weight

1,600 MM

Maximum lifting height

1.4 M/S

Maximum speed

Load variants

Euro half pallet
Euro pallet
UK pallet
Industrial pallet
Custom load carrier
Specification Detail
Driving concept 3-fold drive, omnidirectional
Lifting concept Electromechanical lifting cylinder
Lifting height 1,600 mm
Load 1,500 kg
Vmax 1.4 m/s
Battery concept LiFePO4 with battery management system
Dimensions 2,800 mm x 1,200 mm x 2,570 mm (L x W x H)
Dead weight Approx. 3,600 kg
Load carriers Pallets, boxes, trolleys

Other load carriers on request.

Closed pallets possible!
Commissioning time < 12 hours (1st vehicle) / 15 minutes (each further IGV)
Certification CE, Declaration of Conformity

Plug & Perform

In no time ready2take

Why not order IGVs online and put them into operation at home?
This also works for vacuum cleaner robots. Plug & Perform is our vision in system architecture. AGILOX only requires a well performing WiFi environment and a 3-phase 16A connection for the stationary charging device.
The integration of further devices, but also system extensions or changes can then be carried out independently.

360° agil and precise

Unrestricted freedom of movement

AGILOX is based on a surface movable drive concept. Operating space costs money. That's why it's better to use it for production than for logistics. 4 identical drive units, symmetrically arranged, cleverly operated with a lot of mathematics and control technology, enable movements in all directions - rotation at a standstill and parallel travel included. If a conventional AGV requires an aisle width of between 3 and 4 metres, AGILOX can cope with about half of it.
And even better. Due to the freedom of movement, combined with the laser-based sensor technology, our IGV moves collision-free into any pallet that has not been precisely placed by hand.

Human Machine Interface

Powerful User Interface

Unlike other systems, you do not need to install any applications to interact with AGILOX. A conventional web browser is enough - we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You connect directly to a vehicle via a unique master IP address and - depending on your user role - gain full control of the system.

The continuously zoomable visualization offers a perfect real-time overview of the fleet and allows modifications to the layout or parameterization of workflows with simple mouse clicks. AGILOX provides you with all the tools available to our technicians - integrated into the web application. Part of the HMI is also a WIKI-based integrated documentation with many configuration examples.

Control system replaced

True Swarm Intelligence

An AGILOX acts independently, but is also an excellent team player. The AGILOX fleet operates without an external control system. All units communicate permanently with each other by the customer provided WiFi infrastructure. They automatically exchange information with each other, about the environment and the current order situation several times per second.

A lot of artificial intelligence lies in the dynamic allocation of transport tasks. On the basis of virtual transport costs, which each participant constantly recalculates for all pending orders, it is automatically decided which vehicle fulfills an order. Many criteria are part of the calculation with configurable rating.

Dynamic Routing at its best

Precise Navigation

Navigation (position determination) and autonomous routing in the swarm. In this area, we set ourselves apart from the competition and meet our high requirements in a stable manner: +/- 2 millimetres accuracy, only on the basis of the room contour. If, on the one hand, you want to have a quickly adaptable and expandable system, and at the same time want to transfer it to narrow conveyor technologies, this is also necessary. Magnetic points in the floor, glued-on guidelines or calibrated mirrors on the wall were yesterday. We use our laser scanner at the highest point of the device and scan the environment 360 degrees. And this works in the most challenging environments, even with minimal to no available landmarks.

Routing instead of projected lanes is new on the market. Determining the optimal lanes in real time. Routing in a swarm means finding the best possible route for all participants, in solidarity, so that the overall route of all vehicles is optimal for the process. Linear optimization, so to speak. Deadlocks are avoided and mutual blockages are efficiently resolved. And if an operator wants to set a fixed route because the situation requires it, this is quite simply possible via a virtually drawn line.

24/7 power pack

Efficient Energy Management

The energy system in the AGILOX is exceptional - we rely on the LiFePO4 technology, with integrated charging concept. The advantage is that the battery copes well with short charges and high currents. This means that we automatically use every logistic break without a transport order for charging, even if it is only a few seconds. If these slots are not given, no problem: charging for 4-5 hours of operation takes less than 15 minutes.

The energy transfer is contact-based via a small charging plate at 48 VDC / 80A. On the primary side, 3-phase 400V are required with 16A fuse protection, easily plugged in via a CEE socket. The rechargeable battery Pacḱ and the charge are completely monitored by the integrated battery management system (BMS). The complete system of the new generation is certified according to UN38.3.

Many Applications

Automatic Retooling

AGILOX is designed as standard for the transport of load carriers that can be transported with forks: Pallets, trolleys, half pallets, mesh boxes, etc. If units with excess lengths of up to 1,600 mm are transported, fork extensions can be retrofitted. But the transport of boxes such as KLTs is also no problem - the AGILOX BoxCarrier is available for this purpose.

Based on the transport order, the vehicle recognizes that a box or a tray stack is to be transported. It automatically moves to the storage position of the top and converts itself. Thus several applications are possible with one device or in one system.

Ready for Industry 4.0

Open Interfaces

AGILOX interacts with its environment. With people via Easy Buttons, via the AGILOX IO module with machines, gates, lifts, fire alarm systems, etc. or via the standardized JSON / Webservice interface with higher-level host systems. The HMI - the human/machine interface - is displayed in the web browser and is available at any time.


AGILOX Analytics

Data analysis is a key factor for operation and optimization in Industry 4.0 environments. AGILOX Analytics is more than a private cloud based data analysis platform. It offers customers and service partners the opportunity to perform performance analysis and supports maintenance and problem support for the entire AGILOX fleet.

More than 3.5 billion data points generated per AGILOX in one year allow the performance of an AGILOX fleet to be analyzed to the second. By means of permanent connectivity, customers, partners and the AGILOX Support Team can perform performance analyses almost in real time or analyze and interactively solve challenges in the process.

Via a customizable online portal or a Cloud-to-Cloud Connect interface, customers can keep an eye on their AGILOX fleet at all times. Security is a feature that we also see as a personal challenge. With private APN connections, ISO 27001 certified data centers and encryption to the highest security standards, customer data is protected from unauthorized access.



Depending on the application, an AGILOX can be extended with additional functionality - even retrospectively - Plug & Perform

AGILOX Box Carrier

This module can be picked up from any device, which has the energy and bus coupler unit integrated at the back side of the forks. The bottom part of the unit is standardized and includes connecting elements, a PLC (Basis Beckhoff 9020 CX) as well as room for a battery, that is not included by default.

The top part normally consists of two belt conveyors with a max. load capacity of 50kg each and fits perfectly for boxes and trays with 600x400mm base area. Customized conveyor technology is available upon request.

Barcode Identification Unit

At the back of the fork of the AGILOX is a built-in window for the camera module, the pre-wiring takes place at the factory already for every device. With just a few simple steps, a camera can be retrofitted. The camera capture area is about 1 square meter on the front side of the pallet. The integrated back light system helps for bad lighting conditions.

Plug and play integration in workflows is possible in the HMI. If there are more than one barcodes or qr-codes in the capture area, they can easily be filtered with regular expressions. The obtained information can be used in many ways. For plausibility checks, target information or as indicator for a target query to the host system.

AGILOX Additional Safety Equipment

For the use of AGILOX vehicles in environments where people and especially lift trucks or tugger trains are operating, additional safety features are possible. The so called Collision Avoidance extends the safety field to a third dimension, as required by the standard. This is for machine protection only, not for personal protection. For more information about which cases are covered by detection and which are not, please contact our Sales Engineering Team.

The AGILOX Floor Spot is a spotlight, that displays a dot on the floor in the front of the vehicle and visually alerts the worker, that a device is approaching. This method is well known and proven by lift trucks and other industrial trucks, and is available in many different colors.


For the interaction with peripheral components like high speed doors, fire alarm systems, traffic lights or conveyor systems the AGILOX IO is available.

The basic version includes a PLC, that is connected to the customers network in a way that the AGILOX devices have TCP access to it. Via a special protocol, the input signals of extension cards are processed and output signals are controlled. The standard configuration contains three input terminals and three output terminals. The AGILOX IO needs a single-phase power supply - voltage conditioning and protection is already integrated in the control cabinet. The logical functionality can simply be implemented in the workflows in the user software.

In an extended version, an IPC is integrated additionally. It is a communication participant like an AGILOX, and can be used as a permanent interface to the host system or as primary connection point for the visualization. It does not have a controlling function.

Integrated Scale

The overload measurement in the AGILOX provides the current load weight in the accuracy range of about 25kg and can be displayed or queried as a data point.

Multi Language

Multilingual - Every user can define its preferred language in the user profile. German, English and Italian are currently available. Further languages can be integrated at any time.

Integrated Documentation and in-depth debugs

We have no secrets. The very detailed documentation is available on the vehicle itself via a WIKI system. Furthermore technically advanced users can dig into the deepest depths of debugs and system parameters of the device.

Multi Level Operation

An AGILOX can also work on different floors, if the connection by an elevator system is given. Therefore the constructional conditions must fit and WiFi needs to be available inside the elevator.

Surveillance Mode

An AGILOX can also be used as an alarm system. Areas can be defined in the visualization, which - when within the range of vision - can be monitored for movements. An essential logistic application for this is the crossing of a so called "Known Consignor"-area, as in the case of sending air freight.


Technical faults or process errors, such as locks caused by an obstacle in front of a charging station, are reported by e-mail. AGILOX has to be able to reach a mail server (SMTP) in the network.


Life Time Service

We do not make our customers dependent on us through open and simple interfaces. So simple that an adaptation or electromechanical service can be done by yourself. Otherwise we offer full service packages.

Software Subscription

AGILOX systems offer an unusually high number of possibilities for mapping logistic processes and additional functions for monitoring, analysis, notification and much more. The range of functions is constantly expanding and existing functions are constantly being optimized.

For the support of your plant it is essential that the systems are always up-to-date in all instances of software technology, so that all customers also have the entire range of functions available.

The Software Subscription package includes the following content:

  • at least half-yearly updates for optimizations and functional enhancements - incl. updating of the digital documentation (WIKI system on the vehicle)
  • non-binding possibility to submit requests for extensions to AGILOX
  • concerns HMI, vehicle control, safety control, AGILOX Analytics
  • Use of AGILOX Analytics System for analysis
  • Continuous information about new functionalities and updates as so-called feature feeds
  • ongoing operating costs for AGILOX Analytics
  • Services within the meaning of the support hotline, with the exception of extension requests

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance attempts to counteract major defects and unexpected system downtimes. Periodic control measures anticipate possible system failures, and countermeasures initiated immediately attempt to prevent the failure. The maintenance consists of two parts, the electro-mechanical half-yearly and annual maintenance, during which the mechanical components are checked, as well as wear parts replaced if necessary, and the annual inspection.

Preventive maintenance is optional, i.e. it can also be carried out by the contractual partner / operator or his service provider himself. However, the execution according to the maintenance instruction itself is a condition for the warranty.

Spare Parts Service

On request, we will of course also put together tailor-made, fair spare parts packages for you.