The new AGILOX Analytics has just been launched

We are pleased to announce that we have just launched a new AGILOX Analytics version.

Jul 06 2021


A fresh design

The design of the AGILOX Analytics has been fundamentally renewed. Besides the new design, it also offers many new features. One of the new features is the header menu, which is exceptionally clearly arranged. The vehicles or unions, the modes as well as the time span and the shift mode can be selected.

A fully customized dashboard

The dashboard offers the possibility of a personalized AGILOX Analytics. Most of the widgets can be pinned to the dashboard. Furthermore, the widgets can be resized. You can therefore customize your AGILOX Analytics to your personal needs and see the most important info for you at a glance.

A shift mode

In order to obtain even more precise data, the new AGILOX Analytics makes it possible to set your individual shift time. That is, the daily working hours as well as the working days of a week can be selected.

Data comparison options

Combined mode: The data of all vehicles are displayed simultaneously. This is suitable to analyze the performance of the whole swarm.

Single mode: In each widget, you can see the data of one vehicle and switch between all selected vehicles. This is suitable for a detailed analysis.

Sum mode: The data of each selected vehicle is accumulated and displayed as one big vehicle. This is suitable for a rough overview.

Failures heatmap

Another new feature is the failures heatmap. In the map, error cluster points can be discovered and performance disturbances can be solved more effectively.

Of course, the AGILOX Analytics is also mobile friendly.

You can't wait to get to know the new AGILOX Analytics? Watch the video to learn about the new features.

▶️ Video AGILOX Analytics HIGHLIGHTS