AGILOX IGV - Intelligent Guided Vehicles

We develop and produce intelligent transport systems. With swarm intelligence that no longer needs a master control system. Our technology revolutionizes the market.

Disruptive Innovation

We end the age of the AGVs and start the future of IGVs. Designed from the scratch, we make the best Intelligent Guided Vehicle. Everything comes 100% from our house, from the patented mechanics to the software.
One vehicle for more than one usecase.

Our business model - full transparency and calculable Life Time Service costs.

Unrestricted freedom of movement

With its patented drive, the AGILOX is more mobile than any other vehicle. When performance demands it can rotate at the stand or drive parallel. It can deal with the most narrow aisles, spaces and areas AGILOX redefines mobility.

True Swarm Intelligence

Our devices are as intelligent as they no longer need a master control instance. They have its intelligence on board. They communicate with each other, with their environment and, if desired, they interact with any number of systems in the customer environment.

Enduring Power Pack

AGILOX vehicles bring along intelligent battery and charging management: efficiency during movement and effectiveness during energy transmission. Short charging cycles enable round-the-clock operation. This makes the AGILOX a 24/7 power pack.

100% In-house Development

Team Spirit makes the dream of every development team come true - continuously rethinking machines from the scratch. We have the essential know-how in mechanics, automation, electrical engineering, navigation/routing and software - and years of experience in intralogistics.

The only way to initiate change - 100% in-house development



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The AGILOX System

AGILOX has its intelligence on board. It navigates and communicates without a control system. The user interface is part of the swarm intelligence. Via the HMI AGILOX can be customized and the AGILOX system can be configured on another level.

What are Automated Guided Vehicles?

In (intra)logistics, this is referred to with the Anglo-American abbreviation AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) or the German abbreviation FTS (Fahrerlose Transportsysteme). This product group includes vehicles that automatically take over transport and are not assigned to stationary conveyor technology.

How is safety guaranteed in Automated Guided Vehicles?

For the use of Automated Guided Vehicles in environments in which people, and especially forklifts or tugger trains, do their job, visual and sensory safety functions for machine protection and personal protection are necessary. Our collision detection (Collision Avoidance) takes into account a protective field in real time beyond the legal requirements. The permanent monitoring of the environment by sensors and lasers of the IGV – without additional infrastructure – guarantees safety.

How does the navigation work with Automated Guided Vehicles?

Every AGILOX IGV has a fast processing unit and corresponding lasers / sensors on board. The vehicle automatically determines its position according to the spatial contour and checks the changes in its surroundings with 360° scans. A lane is calculated with an accuracy of 2 millimeters.

What does routing mean in intelligent Intelligent Guided Vehicles (IGV)?

Routing means calculating the best possible route for each vehicle. Several AGILOX IGVs can work together autonomously in a swarm and calculate a solidarity-based routing in real time, as the vehicles communicate via wireless connection and optimally coordinate transport orders with one another.

What are the costs of Automated Guided Vehicles and what amortization should be calculated?

Using an AGILOX IGV saves resources and increases throughput. Based on the possibility of 24-hour use, an amortization period of less than a year is possible. Service costs and maintenance can be precisely calculated in advance. Indirect cost savings can be analyzed by evaluating the transparent material flow and subsequently uncover further savings potential.



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Whether IT professional or intralogistics expert - we share the passion to be one-step-ahead with AGILOX. And we love to learn constantly new things. In a relaxed atmosphere, with a down-to-earth attitude, lots of freedom, but also with great momentum.

Team Player

Our employees work hard for your success. They are the best of the best in their profession, from mechanics to sales engineers. We are proud of this power.

Our Job for you

We are convinced: Each of our jobs has great added value, makes fun and offers cool development opportunities. Nine-to-five job and tie? Not with us. Become curious?


AGILOX defines IGV

An in-house development through and through, from the first draft of mechanics to the complete source code. 100 percent innovation with lots of advantages. This takes intralogistics to a new level.
Man operates AGV with tablet with HMI interface

Unbox and Go!

Why not to purchase IGVs online and put them into operation by yourself? Honestly: First turn it on and then depalletize it. How so? Just watch - AGILOX unpacks (itself).
AGILOX Analytics

High Process Safety

With AGILOX Analytics you can analyze your performance data almost in real time and optimize processes interactively. Through monitoring and preventive maintenance, we prevent major defects and unexpected system downtimes.
Screenshots on Smartphone and laptop with evaluation chart from the web-based AGILOX ANALYTICS
Three mobile logistics robots (AGILOX ONE) show intelligent cooperation of AGVs in automotive production
Control system replaced

Swarm optimizes costs

A lot artificial intelligence relies in dynamic allocation of transport tasks. On the basis of virtual transport costs, an AGILOX swarm member continuously calculates pending orders and decides for itself which vehicle fulfills the order.

We build trust

Our IGVs are highly requested. These dozens of well-known companies all over the world use at least one AGILOX for their success in intralogistics. We are proud of it, as are many of our customers who enjoy their competitive advantage quietly and secretly.