Let's meet at Logimat, Stuttgart

Visit us at Logimat 2019

Feb 20 2019

February 19 to 21 at Messe Stuttgart, Germany, Hall 1 - Stand J80

Take advantage on different handover levels

AGILOX Box Carrier for Wild&Küpfer Switzerland

Feb 14 2019

Amazing AGILOX BOXCARRIER application at Wild&Kuepfer ( ) in Schmerikon, Switzerland. As second IGV in a swarm, this one has the capability to pickup both: palettes as well as boxes / trays, two in a size of 600x400mm and up to each 50kg. The transformation (equiping with box carrier module) takes part automatically …

Perfect support for NAFTA market

AGILOX Touch Down in Atlanta, GA (USA)

Jan 09 2019

AGILOX Touch Down in Atlanta / GA. Due to a big number of requests from US customers, AGILOX North America Inc. was founded to provide perfect support for this very important market. Proud to present Jakob Boedenauer as highly experienced US based engineer in AGILOX outfit! Looking forward to many successful projects already this year in …

Realtime 9 minutes up and running

Plug and Perform within minutes (Video)

Dec 20 2018

Plug & Play setup of AGILOX IGV systems. Regularly we are asked whether it is true that the entire commissioning process to be up and running - in productive environments - takes only a few hour from unloading a vehicle. To answer that we'll show you uncut in an 9 minutes video how that works. Short commissioning time is crucial for …

Podium at International Pitch Competition in Santa Clara, CA

AGILOX goes Silicon Valley

Nov 28 2018

During the first two weeks of November AGILOX was invited to a couple of Pitching Events in Silicon Valley. At the International Pitch Competition in Santa Clara, where 13 nations competed against each other Dirk Erlacher won a podium place for AGILOX. During this time AGILOX connected with many interesting VC's and Strategic Investors from …

Unrestriced freedom of movement makes AGILOX the perfect solution

AGILOX the missing link to VNA trucks (Video)

Nov 16 2018

AGILOX receives a lot of customer requests inquiring interaction of IGV’s with VNA trucks. Manually or automatically driven VNA stackers pick and drop pallets from shelves, and are transporting those to very narrow hand- over areas which are located next to pick-up or drop-off aisles, often less than 1.8m wide. Due to no limitation in m …

We travel joyfully to the land of smiles to Shanghai

Site visit China Tobacco & CeMAT Asia

Nov 16 2018

Great business trip last week to Shanghai and Ningbo with Daniel Zindl / AGILOX. Thank you Jack and Mark Chua / Heling for the perfect hospitality. Vielen Dank für die perfekte Gastfreundschaft. Very good to see for us at the Cemat Trade Show that AGILOX raises great attention in Asia, too. Daniel and Franz had a competition to capture at one …

Great Show at DHL in Troisdorf (DE)

DHL Robotics Day 2018

Nov 15 2018

AGILOX was invited, as one of the innovation leaders in mobile logistics robotics, to exibit at DHL Robotics Days 2018. It was a great honor to be part of this perfect organised, exclusively event with leaders from all over the world.AGILOX and DHL started a partnership in Januray 2018 with an pilot plant in Hamburg and continued with 2 …

Three times around the world

1.000.000 transports exceeded

Sep 20 2018

Today, all AGILOX units running in productive environments, together have reached the one million line. 87% of this actions were pick ups of paletts (or compareable) - all in all they have been transported over a distance of 117.450 kilometers , which is approx. 3 times around the world. The lifted weight has summed up to over 250.000 tons . …

The eye-catcher at the customer event in Hamburg

AGILOX at Lufthansa Technik Innovation Days

Aug 01 2018

AGILOX live demo at LUFTHANSA Technik Innovation Days 2018 in Hamburg. AGILOX was invited to give an idea of plug&play setup, contour based navigation and routing in highly complex environments. Within no time AGILOX was fully integrated - a secure and collaborative part of the visitors flow. Many thanks to Harald Kolbe, Alexander Tesch …

AGILOX Robots rely on Swarm Intelligence by Steve Baker (

Forbes Magazine about swarm intelligence

Jul 19 2018

AGILOX technology analyzed by Forbes Magazine. Thank you Steve Banker for this great article. We confirm the author's guess, where he says: "They are poised" - when it comes to IGVs. Read the original article . Robots with swarm intelligence. That sounds ominous. It also sounds cool! I talked to Dirk Erlacher, the CEO of Agilox, on this …

The logistics of the future must be smart, efficient, digital and highly automated.

The digital warehouse at Lufthansa Technik

Mar 20 2018

We are taking major part in the The Lufthansa Technik Group Magazine publication, where Dr. Harald Kolbe, Head of Digital Innovation at Lufthansa Technik Group talks about their strategy on The digital warehouse The logistics of the future must be smart, efficient, digital and highly automated. Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services has …

Dynamisches Routing und

Präzise Navigation

Navigation (Positionsbestimmung) und autonomes Routing im Schwarm. In diesem Bereich setzen wir uns merklich vom Mitbewerb ab und erfüllen stabil unsere hohen Anforderungen: +/- 2 Millimeter genau, nur anhand der Raumkontur. Wenn man einerseits ein schnell anpassbares und erweiterbares System haben möchte, gleichzeitig auf enge Fördertechniken übergeben will, ist dies auch notwendig. Magnetpunkte im Boden, aufgeklebte Leitlinien oder eingemessene Spiegel an der Wand waren gestern. Wir nutzen unseren Laserscanner am höchsten Punkt des Gerätes und scannen die Umgebung 360 Grad. Und das funktioniert in den herausfordernsten Umgebungen, auch mit minimalsten bis hin zu gar keinen verfügbaren Landmarken. Routing statt projektierter Fahrspuren, das ist neu am Markt. Die optimalen Fahrspuren in Echtzeit bestimmen. Routing im Schwarm bedeutet, für alle Teilnehmer, solidarisch, die bestmögliche Route zu finden, sodass die Gesamtroute aller Fahrzeuge für den Prozess optimal ist. Lineare Optimierung, quasi. Deadlocks werden dabei vermieden und gegenseitige Blockungen effizient aufgelöst. Und wenn ein Operator doch einmal eine fixe Route vorgeben möchte, weil es die Situation erfordert, ist dies ganz einfach über eine virtuell gezeichnete Linie möglich.